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Monday, September 20, 2004

My Experience with Google Groups

First off, my last minute postings are not a result of procrastination; instead, I have scheduled to work on 7150 for five hours Saturday evening and for five hours Monday morning, and I tend to try and maximize this time.

Figuring out how to post in Google groups has not been easy for me and much of my groups surfing time has been dedicated to learning this. This is my first time exploring groups and Usenets...it is not easy, but I'm starting to understand how they work. I will be posting to alt.showbiz.gossip under Mission Impossible 3 as soon as I can figure out how. I think I have to register to be able to post, but I'll only know once it works. I've spent nearly six hours so far exploring these groups.

I've also checked out Star Trek groups, Punky Brewster groups, and the Blair Witch Project groups...talk about being surprised at how much talk goes on about these topics...I tried to be obscure in my searches, but there was something for everything.

After reading Wade's posting about how online groups can affect a movies success, I got to thinking about how online groups can destoy a movies potential success. I was specifically thinking about The Blair Witch Project, which I've never seen. it was a major success because of people thinking it waqs a real story, which wasn't the truth. After word got out that it was fabricated, I wonder how that affected ticket sales. The Google groups shows a lot of activity right after it's release, and a lot of it was due to people telling others it was a farse.

Overall, I was surprised at the lack of moderation of these groups. A lot of stuff was just garbage, but I guess that's the beauty of it...you can say whatever you want.


David said...

It really is amazing how many people there are interested in any topic you can raise. It's like the teacher used to say - "if you have a question, odds are 5 other people do to." One function of social software is to help us find these people!

You forgot to post the time you actually spent in Google Groups. Please remember to post this info from now on!

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